Photo Credit: My amazingly talented other half, Dwayne Moore.


My name is Marlene and I currently live in Buford, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. My photography style is natural, organic and unscripted. If you tell me that at the moment your little one is in love with a super bright, quirky object I’m going to make it work because that’s who they are, even if it’s just for that moment. As fast as they are growing they might find something else to love next month and that moment will forever be gone.

Together we will work closely on outfit selections, set ideas, and make sure your personality still shows in your new art pieces that will be displayed in your home.

I’m a USMC Veteran, love learning, antiquing (I think that’s a word!), and creating new things. I’m a huge DIY’er and obsessed with creating props and designing sets in order to offer a fully customized session for you, my client. The fact that every single session has the potential to look different drives my creativity.

I share my home with my best friend, the most motivating, creative man I know and our two, almost 3 (July 2019) incredible boys, a teenager and a 3-year old. We moved to Georgia from Orlando the summer of 2016 and as much as I love Orlando I can’t help but feel that I was always meant to be in Georgia. It’s just soooo me, from the atmosphere to the friendly faces to the genuine southern hospitality.  I’m definitely working on my winter boot collection.

For me, it’s always an honor to document my clients’ special life events. I look forward to meeting you and your family and capturing your once in a lifetime moments. Please feel free to reach out to me and we can always further discuss your questions on the phone or stop by our downtown Buford studio.