Photo Credit:  Dwayne Moore.

My name is Marlene and I currently live in Sugar Hill, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. I’m a USMC Veteran, love learning, antiquing (I think that’s a word!), and creating new things.

I have 3 amazing boys, a teenager, a 5-year old and a 1 year old. We moved to Georgia from Orlando the summer of 2016 and as much as I love Orlando I can’t help but feel that I was always meant to be in Georgia. It’s just soooo me, from the atmosphere to the friendly faces to the genuine southern hospitality.

In January 2020 I decided to step back from photography and focus on my original business, Musa Natural. From the many genres that I’ve photographed the two I’m most passionate about are family sessions and product photography. While my main focus remains in Musa Natural I’ve decided to open a few monthly spots for those still wanting to hire me for product photography.

Contact me and let’s discuss if I’m a good fit for you and your business.