My goal for your images is to highlight the best qualities of your products and speak to your target market.

I encourage you to reach out and chat with me. Let’s talk, get to know my process and how I can help bring your vision and content to life.

“Every business deserves professional images,

especially the small ones.”

Meet Marlene

My name is Marlene and I currently live in Sugar Hill, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. I’m a USMC Veteran, love learning, antiquing (I think that’s a word!), and creating new things .

In January 2020 I decided to step back from photography and focus on my original business, Musa Natural. From the many genres that I’ve photographed the two I’m most passionate about are family sessions and product photography. While my main focus remains in Musa Natural I’ve decided to open a few monthly spots for those still wanting to hire me for product photography.

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